Check back to this page for updates regarding our current events. Some are just ideas currently, others have been booked.

Networking-at-Home – A LinkedIn Workshop [November 17th, 2020]

Our idea with this one is we are having both students and some instructors who owe part of their success to LinkedIn come in and sort of show people the light. LinkedIn is an awesome platform to connect and even, later on, find opportunities. The hook on this one is these people telling their story about how LinkedIn directly contributed to their careers. We will also touch on Do’s and Don’ts, basics, and how to get started with your profile and reaching out to others.

Planned Ideas for the future:

Next up planned is our big event for the semester: March Madness – where we take a deep dive into the financial, economic, and social events that happened last March. We’re going to start with a discussion about the events that lead up to the catastrophe we have now and end it with how you can capitalize on that today, for your prosperity tomorrow. That brings me to our next workshop: Start Investing for Tomorrow – Today! Where we’ll bring in faculty members and our executive team to talk about the wonders of investing, your personal finances, and how to turn tears and an empty wallet into bliss and Bentleys. Last up is one I think everyone should be excited for: our Hiring Practices in the New Normal seminar, where we’ll bring in hiring managers from all those companies I mentioned earlier. They’ll tell you what they’re looking for today, what they think they’ll be looking for later, and how to make sure you can be successful in your job search. This is also a great networking opportunity, meet the people who will be hiring you later – make those connections.